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• 賽車安全守則、賽車規則及旗號認識

Introduction of motor racing safety regulations, on track regulations and signal flags


• 賽車及賽道認識

Introduction of the race car and racetrack


• 賽車儀錶板認識

Introduction of the dashboard in car


• 賽車起步技巧

Race car standing start technique


• 六速變速箱升降檔駕駛注意事項及技巧訓練

Gear up and down technique training of a 6-speed manual gearbox


• 過彎駕駛技巧及訓練

Corner turning skills and training


• 刹車、油門駕駛技巧及訓練

Brake, throttle controlling skills and training


• 賽車駕駛路線技巧及訓練

Racing line analyse and training


• 賽道上進行多圈房車賽車駕駛練習

Multiple laps on track touring car race training


• 雨天賽車駕駛技巧及訓練(*視乎天氣狀況)

Touring car racing skills and practice under raining condition (*depends on weather)


• 專業賽車教練指導,賽車駕駛資料分析

Course lectured by professional motor racing couch with race car statistical data analysis

Basic Touring Car Training Course

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