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第一堂:理論班 (每堂2小時)


Lesson 1: Karting Theory (2 hrs)

Introduction of the karting history, safety regulations, essential gears and racing signal flags


第二堂:認知班 (每堂2小時)


Lesson 2: Karting Knowledge (2 hrs)

Knowledge about the structure of a kart, motor racing regulations and driving skills


第三堂:模擬班 (每堂2小時)


Lesson 3: Kart Simulator Training (2 hrs)

Experience the feeling of driving a kart on a simulator. Understanding the mechanism of controlling a vehicle with visual and physical practice. Relatively important lesson for those who have no driving experience.


第四堂:實習班 (全日分4節)


Lesson 4: Practical Training (Full day divided into 4 sessions)

Experience the actual speed, control and feeling of a kart by driving it on a race track

Junior Racing Program (Entry)

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